Friday, March 29, 2019

Sara and I are thrilled to announce that our book is finally out.It started with an idea based on Sara(my wife) childhood memories. We wanted to start a project together, from scratch, and finish it even if it takes years! with lots of revisions and rejections!. And we got that alot! feeling of having a product of our own for the first time really encouraged us to go forward. 
The book is available on amazon you can find the link Amazon.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Some of the design I made for Moana.

  I was so lucky to have the legendary artist Eric Goldberg animating my designs for opening sequence of the move. He showed me the first test that he animated and it blow my mind . And i got to the crazy mood that I couldn't believe it is real,. many years ago when I was watching Aladdin back in home town. I could never think of this moment that I will work with Ron and John and Eric Goldberg and Ian. I had such great time on this movie and enjoyed every second of it. 
PS:The design of this part of movie is a great collaboration with Jeff  Ranjo , ian Gooding ,and of course Polynesians tapa designs.

It was great collaboration between art team ,modeling, lookdev and lighting to make as apealing as we can